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Drones - a new toy for the aviator!

Drones are getting more and more popular among all ages and can be flown even though you have no real aviation skills.

I purchased my first drone late 2015 which was a small trainer drone - the Q4 Mini Drone series of Hubsan x4 Spider Edition. I had never flown a drone before but after just 5 minutes I was already up in the air and having fun.

Drones can be used for a great many purposes as recording arial video, inspecting areas that are placed "out of reach" or just having fun with a race.

Please tour this area for inspiration on which drones are best fit for you - racing, video, hobby or professional work, they are all here including a variety of extra equipment that is suitable for flying drones.

Happy flying!

Q4 Mini Drone - Hubsan x4 Spider Edition
q4 mini drone hubsan x4q4 mini drone hubsan x4
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