Hi all,

Are you always flying the same few routes, the same aircrafts and using the same sceneries when flightsimming? I have done so for a long time and decided that I had to do something new to keep my interest for flight simulation. Therefor I started the idea of flying specific tours around specific areas of the FS world – not a grand world tour but instead smaller tours.

I have created my first tour, which is a tour covering the most of Denmark including the Faroe Islands and parts of Greenland. This I did to get a chance of seeing more of the FS world, flying to new destinations and overall gaining more interest in flight simulation.

If any of you are interested in also trying out smaller tours, then you are very welcome to join the Denmark tour – of course also the other tours which are getting created on an on-going basis.

Some charts are available at my charts download section and other charts can be downloaded from either or       

If you have ideas for new tours, aviation charts that are freeware or similar etc. you are very welcome to send that to me and I will add that to the section.

Happy flying
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